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I Love Astrology Podcast – Episode 2: Consensus

Episode 2: Consensus

Co-Host: Kate Petty

Guests: Nina Gryphon, Christopher Renstrom, Gary Caton

Synodic Stories: Veronica and Venus Retrograde

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00:00 Introduction

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  1. Levia Shanken
    Levia Shanken says:

    Very informative, inspiring and thought-provoking. About Venus not quite fitting in with the other Olympians because of how she was born, I’m connecting that with the fact that she & Uranus are the only planets that spin on their equators (i.e. widest part) rather than axises. And it is from Uranus’s castration that she was born – like father, like daughter of course but would that have to do with their type of spin?

    The question has to default to what causes the way planets spin & why would on their axises be the norm? Hopefully someone here knows? It seems an effect from how they themselves were brought into being.

    Another thing they have in common is that some mythologies say Uranus, as Heaven, began creation; others that Eros, love, began it. So they both have to do with the nature of creation.

    One more item about strange birth is how it resonates with the much-later Hellenistic, gnostic Sophia (not a classical goddess). But in her case, she procreated on her own, creating a god that believed he was the only god and was the demiurge of our material world. First, it is strange that the goddess of wisdom would make a mistake. Then the perhaps just-in-orb similarity to Venus being born out of competition of the gods, which also brings in her unlikely Martian-like qualities that were discussed. It’s actually her son Eros, who causes the love-mischief and strife thereof that would be symmetrical to Sophia’s son (often called Yaldabaote), the demiurge wreaking havoc.

  2. Levia Shanken
    Levia Shanken says:

    Regarding the unliklihood of Sun & Venus in same sign, which would cause self & image to be in accord – the fact that ‘it was set-up that way’ implies we’re meant to deal with the discrepancy. Without including minor aspects & scicias, the only adjacent like-engirding signs they could be in are Saturn ruled. Then as for their dignities: if Sun & Venus are in Libra, it’s the Sun’s fall because Libra is much about image anyway, so it seems it would exagerate Venus as image there. But it would work in Taurus & Pisces, again favoring Venus since Sun is peregrine there. Forget about in Sun’s dignities, especially Aries, since that’s Venus’ detriment.

    Then for Sun & Venus to align perfectly in same sign, must not be combust or retrograde. One saving grace is heliacal rising or setting or station, which could be in adjacent sign and still give Venus strength. Otherwise the odds have it that we are meant to deal with the challenge of being seen for our true selves rather than image.


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