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I Love Astrology Podcast – Episode 1: Oil

Episode 1: Oil

Co-Host: Patrick Watson

Guests: Laurence Jones, Jonathan Pearl, Tony Dickey

Synodic Stories: Ginger and Venus Retrograde

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00:00: Introduction

00:38: Introducing Patrick Watson. Nick and Watson discuss their shared interests and curiosity.

01:59: Introducing Laurence Jones.

04:28: Interview with Laurence Jones. Laurence looks at the Sun-Mars conjunction in the fall of 1959, and the introduction of a new line of compact cars by the three major U.S. automobile manufacturers. Laurence also discusses General Motors’ founder William Durant’s Sun in Sagittarius in contrast to Henry Ford’s natal Sun in Leo, with regard to their respective approaches to manufacturing and marketing cars.

09:22: Nick and Watson discuss Mars, Will Durant’s Saturn transit to his Sun in Sagittarius, Saturn in Sagittarius in the history of transport and economic depression.

13:24: Introducing Jonathan Pearl.

13:53: Interview with Jonathan Pearl. Jonathan explains how he follows the transits of planets through earth signs to anticipate highs and lows in crude oil training, and how the recent conjunction of Uranus and the South Node in Aries, square Pluto in the earth sign of Capricorn, signalled the recent crash in the crude oil market. Jonathan and Nick discuss using first trade charts to track oil, and how Jupiter-Uranus configurations might not apply to oil as they once did.

18:45: Nick and Watson discuss Jonathan’s focus on using earth signs to track crude oil market prices, and a recap of the history of John Rockefeller’s Cleveland Massacre oil buyout of 1871 and its relationship to Jupiter-Uranus cycles.

20:25: Interview with Tony Dickey. Tony discusses the role of Uranus-Pluto, Uranus-Neptune, and Saturn-Neptune configurations in the history of oil. Tony also contemplates the future of oil with regard to upcoming outer planet configurations later in the 21st century, and the roles of Russia and China in these changing times.

31:00: Watson discusses the oil spills of 1989-90 during the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, making the case for oil’s association with Neptune. Nick compares the perspectives of Jonathan and Tony, and how they present the broad contrast between their respective approaches to practicing astrology. Watson and Nick discuss Tony’s focus on Uranus-Pluto with regard to oil, bringing up the nativities of Edwin Drake, Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert, with regard to Uranus-Pluto cycles.

36:32: Nick’s conclusions on the study of oil in an astrological context, and the different levels in which astrological symbolism can be applied.

39:00: Concluding interview with Watson. Thanks to guests.

39:55: Quick announcements

41:16: Synodic Stories. A conversation with Ginger (March 16 ,1977; 2:25 a.m., Houston, TX) about Venus retrograde transits in Leo, Scorpio, and Gemini from her past.

12 replies
  1. Alison M. Gunn
    Alison M. Gunn says:

    Excellent beginning; let me be the first (?) to leave a comment and wish you well. You have a great voice for podding, very clear and easy to listen to, plus you have the advantage of “by the seat of your pants” cleverness. :-)

  2. Royce Steele
    Royce Steele says:

    Hi! I absolutely loved listening! I was wondering if I could feature this on my word press so more could hear it. You have a much more semantically precise way of speaking on specific topics that I do and would love the insight on my page to broaden my natal astrology theme. Let me know!

  3. Mark Shulgasser
    Mark Shulgasser says:

    This is really very good. Congratulations. I will eagerly follow and share.

    I’m surprised to learn that Neptune is the key planetary player in the oil market. Except that Pluto rarely does what’s expected. Scorpio/Pluto imagery gathers together the themes of oil, the desert, islam, sexual slavery, etc. The three ww2 generals who fought it out in North Africa and the mideast, Rommel, Patton and Montgomery, were all Scorpio.

  4. Tarlok Singh
    Tarlok Singh says:

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. It was brilliant. Perfect in every way. I would love it if you covered a show on how to ‘learn the ephemeris’, that we be amazing. Thanks Nick! You have done it again my friend.

  5. Jessica Jasper
    Jessica Jasper says:

    Oil, the substance itself and not its political or economic impact, must be ruled by Pluto. Everything about oil is plutonian. Its a substance made form ancient dead animals buried deep in the earth which are transformed through time, pressure and heat into a black pool of yuck. oil naturally seeps to the surface in some places, and that is also plutonian.. I also can understand a touch of Saturn involved, as time is required to produce oil and is sometimes lodged in rocks.

    Great show! My computer is crazy, so i couldn’t listen till now. Keep it up for sure!


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